How do I place an order?

1.Place the desired furniture in your shopping basket

On our website you can find the full range of products we offer. All of our products are divided in useful categories to keep your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. On the product page you can add the product to your digital shopping basket by clicking on the green “add to cart”. You can continue shopping on our website or continue to the next steps to place your order.

2. Filling in your details

The second step in the ordering process is to fill in your personal details. Standard the billing and shipping address are equal to each other. When you want your order to be delivered at a different address then the billing address, you can select this at the bottom of the page en fill in the additional details. When you place an order for a company, you can fill in the VAT number and we will automatically deduct the VAT for you.

Please note it is only possible to deduct the VAT from your order when you have a valid non-Dutch VAT number. For Dutch customers, it is not possible to deduct the VAT on the invoice. 

3. Delivery date

At the shipping method we show you the expected delivery date for your order. If due to unforeseen circumstances the delivery changes, we will always contact and notify you about this. It is also possible to change the preferred delivery date of your order in this step.

4. Check and pay

In the last step you will be shown an overview of the order you’re about to place. Always check if your billing and shipping address is correct and you’ve selected the correct amount of products. When this is all correct, you can safely and easily complete the payment. With regards to the payment, we offer a variety of options. When you chose for the after delivery option, there will always be a credit check before the order is officially placed.